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Terremoto pelicula 1974 online dating

The tremor cancelled Denise's shoot, so she heads to Stewart's office, pretending to meet with a friend.The pair go back to Denise's house for drinks and end up making love.Sam and most of his employees find themselves trapped on the upper floors of their 30-story skyscraper.They descend most of the way by the stairs, but the earthquake has collapsed part of the stairwell.He promises to come back later that night and invites her and Corry to spend the summer with him in Oregon while he oversees a project.Returning to work, his boss and father in-law Sam Royce offers to hand over the company presidency to Stewart.He assumes she has convinced her father, Sam, to offer the promotion to Stewart in order to save their marriage.

He goes to Sam's office to accept his offer but is stunned to see Remy there.On his way to work, former USC football player Stewart Graff, having just fought with his wife Remy, visits Denise Marshall, an actress who is the widow of one of his friends and co-workers.He drops off an autographed football for her son Corry and helps Denise rehearse her lines for a scene she is shooting later that day. Another tremor hits as Adams and his assistant are working in a deep trench and they are buried alive.Jody threatens to fire on them if they come any closer.Rosa emerges from the store, screaming and begging for help. Lou sneaks back and gets the jump on Jody, shooting Jody in self-defense and rescuing Rosa.

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At the California Seismological Institute, staffer Walter Russell has calculated that Los Angeles will suffer a major earthquake in the next day or two. The scientists at the center argue about whether or not to go public with their prediction of a major quake.