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For example: the first common mistake is in how value gets defined.Value and status are often erroneously distilled into a single attribute.

On the plus side, the constant rain fills the swimming pool, which the vendor had neglected to mention was leaking into the ground. Red faces all round, not that you'd notice as I've been beetroot for the past hour anyway. The five-year-old has spent most of the afternoon knocking on the door - eight times in five minutes. First are the BATs (British And Twisted) of whom I am proud to say I am one.Now, we all know that there's nothing the French, those guardians of culinary excellence, can't stick in a jar or a can.But who'd have thought that a tin of couscous could turn you into some sort of French suicide bomber?Apparently, certain cans of couscous in our local supermarket have been discovered to exhibit a 'phenomène de bombage' - what a lovely expression.On opening, it's been reported the contents can shoot out, narrowly avoiding taking your eye out and liberally plastering your kitchen in coucous royale with chicken and spicy sausage.

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The lady has a face like a slapped haddock, which should have been my cue that I'm in for a rough ride. 'Mais Madame, je crois qu'ils sont trop petit.' But Madame, I think they are too small. Does she think that maybe I'm being a bit tight and should have brought some big expensive ones? Suddenly, my small but beautifully chic cards, pre-bought in the UK, are not such a great idea after all. Like minor aristocracy who are more royal than the Royals, they are more French than the French, happily drinking coffee out of wine glasses.

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