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Broadcasting was extended to 20 hours in 1998 but reduced to 18 hours in 2000.

In 1996, the Lebanese government granted broadcasting licenses to only five television stations, not including Al-Manar.

Initially, Al Manar would broadcast only five hours per day.

Shortly before the 1992 election, it began broadcasting regular news bulletins in order to help Hezbollah attain more votes and spread its message to more people.

The IDF bombed Al-Manar's Beirut complex again on July 16 causing fire in the complex and surrounding buildings.

Muhammad Ra'd, a Hezbollah member of parliament and al-Manar's largest shareholder, submitted the request to the minister of transmission, which was approved in April 2000.Al-Manar was soon carried by many satellite providers.However, starting with the removal of the station from TARBS World TV in Australia in 2003, many satellite television providers stopped featuring it.Al-Manar often airs music videos and fillers in between full-length programs and during commercial breaks.The music videos are generally dedicated to the following seven purposes: the promotion of the Hezbollah, highlighting the importance of armed resistance against Israel, the glorification of martyrdom, spreading of anti-Americanism, denunciation of Israel and Zionism as the embodiments of terrorism, the appeals for the destruction of Israel, and the depiction of the future of Arab youths.

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The station also offers sports broadcasting - such as the programs Goal and Tis'in daqiqa (Ninety Minutes) -, family programming - such as Al-mustakshifoun al-judud (The New Explorers), Al-Muslimoun fi al-Sin (Muslims in China), and Ayday al-khayr (Hands of Benevolence) -, game shows - including Al-mushahid shahid (The Viewer Is the Witness), where contestants attempt to guess the names of Israeli political and military figures, and Al-muhima (The Mission) -, and even a children's program called Al-manr al-saghir (The Little Manar), which is in the style of the US show Mr.

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