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Evans has remarked, "Croesus had become a figure of myth, who stood outside the conventional restraints of chronology." Aside from a poetical account of Croesus on the pyre in Bacchylides (composed for Hiero of Syracuse, who won the chariot race at Olympia in 468), there are three classical accounts of Croesus: Herodotus presents the Lydian accounts of the conversation with Solon (Histories 1.29-.33), the tragedy of Croesus' son Atys (Histories 1.34-.45) and the fall of Croesus (Histories 1.85-.89); Xenophon instances Croesus in his panegyric fictionalized biography of Cyrus: Cyropaedia, 7.1; and Ctesias, whose account is also an encomium of Cyrus.Croesus is credited with issuing the first true gold coins with a standardised purity for general circulation.Then, Croesus wanted to thank and take on his side the oracle of Delphi.He sacrificed three thousand of all kinds of sacrificial animals. After the sacrifice he melted down gold and made golden blocks, each one 2.5 talents.

Sure enough, Croesus' hubristic happiness was reversed by the tragic deaths of his accidentally-killed son and, according to Critias, his wife's suicide at the fall of Sardis, not to mention his defeat at the hands of the Persians.He ordered his artists to make the copy of a lion out of pure gold, weighing ten talents.At the time of Herodotus this was situated at the Treasury of the Corinthians in Delphi, but 3.5 talents lighter, as the priests had melted down part of it.However, according to Herodotus, a wild boar began to ravage the neighboring province of Mysia, which soon begged Croesus to send a military expedition led by Atys to kill the boar.Croesus thought this would be safe for his son, as Atys wouldn't be fighting an enemy that could throw a spear.

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