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A large park, Desert Breeze Park, is located in the north-central part of the town.

She is a fighter who does not back down in any fight even if it is against a man.

Gang is set to play an elite forces police officer tasked with brutal responsibilities, who is thrown into conflict after witnessing the death of a girl who was a member of the anti-reunification sect.

Han plays the girl’s older sister who makes his character waver even further.

He endured disapproval from his family and ended up sleeping on the streets just to pursue his dreams.

Lewis Pictures, which recently produced Bong Joon Ho’s , is producing the film.

She is kind and the whole Korean entertainment industry attests to that.

He is an alpha male who continues to pursue perfection in his craft.

One of the most ridiculous parts of being a famous idol is that the public feels they have the right to meddle with their idol's lovelife.

DBSK's fans are known for being protective and combative about their idols.

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However, the dating rumors Jong Suk's and Hyo Joo's effective portrayals were caught to stem out from real-life romance.

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