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The evaluation only occurs when an action is encountered.Here is an example of what an RDD’s lineage graph looks like: The Distributed part stems from the fact that the data is distributed among worker nodes of a cluster.The official definition of an RDD in the official documentation is as follows: The Resilient part is due to the fact that it is fault tolerant and hence if a partition of the dataset is lost due to a node going done it can be recovered in a timely manner.The recoverability comes from the fact that its lineage graph is maintained by the driver program and hence the partition can be recomputed.A third of the cost covers materials, tools, Building Hero marketing, transportation, etc..A third of the cost pays for programming to support the Building Heroes and grow even more.

The Building Hero Project is Public Workshop’s young adult community design leadership and entrepreneurship program.Purchase the great products that they are fabricating and creating on the team’s Etsy Store.The work of the Building Heroes was described by Fast Company as a ‘World Changing Idea‘ and also received excellent press here.The lineage graph consists of a series of transformations and actions to be computed on a partition of data and this is stored on the driver program.The RDD in effect is a set of instructions which are lazily evaluated.

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