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I think this is a question only the consulate can answer.

I'm not sure that having a "copy" of a Italian passport would be deemed the same.The consulate is going to require most likely all docs be in Italian.Did you happen to specify which languages in the request? One of the regular posters on this site suggested the plurilingue format. I wondered, as I was writing, "what does multi-language format mean." The letter is gone, I guess, I'll soon see.I'm interested in getting copies of Italian passport records anyways as they may have info that I don't have.As for your question here, I think Carte Legale is enough if the document is written in Italian and not French, German, or Latin.

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Vengo allora alla domanda susseguente: chi mi legalizza il documento o chi pone le apostille affinchè lo stesso sia valido in Québec ?

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