Carthusia uomo online dating

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Carthusia uomo online dating

I know many people consider this unisex but on me it smells feminine, I could never imagine a guy smelling like this.

I live in a Mediterranean country and I can honestly say that this truly does smell like the Mediterranean and the name "light blue" is very fitting. I wear it when I want to smell really fresh and clean.

Like someone already mentioned below-lemon, acid, lemon and more lemons and citric acid...

I just cannot stand this perfume, neither on me nor on anybody else.

And after a while you can realize the transformation of the notes by yourself on your own skin. I wanted to like it but this just smelt awful to me. I tried it again the other day and it didn't smell as awful as I remembered, but this time it smelled ridiculously like just a very strong smelling lemon rind and nothing else. I wore it to the office and on weekends but I had to be in the mood for it. Its longevity and cult following is a testament to the caliber of this perfume! Truth be told, I am using a dupe right now, and have tried many successful dupes of this over the years, almost the same with the original, since I guess this one is easy to remake. okay yes ordinary but in the very best girl next door who happens to smell amazing way Özgehan lived across the hall from me freshman year. She was on the soccer team and when we first kissed she tasted like Jack Daniels.

Just like its name it is light, but with a pleasing longevity and sillage. It was definitely something different that I enjoyed every now and then when I had a large perfume wardrobe but I would not repurchase it. It smells so good and fresh on my friend but when I tested it...gosh! Every day I wear it, at least one male will make a comment about how sensual and feminine the veil that surrounds me smells!! Apart from that I think Light Blue is one of the most successful perfumes ever done, it deserves the hype, because in its range it's one of the firsts and has a unique quality to it. I suppose it's because it's named light blue i think of this as a favorite blue jeans scent. Her room always smelled like jasmine and lemons; it wasn't until later that I realized it was Light Blue.

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It is indeed fresh, and if you are into citric perfumes, you'll like this one.