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He said he grew up knowing his stepfather had a secret child out there, and even tried to contact Melissa years before, but her mother always intervened. "Of course, I was flipping out."She asked to meet Chris in person.

Though she was raised to believe her mother's husband was her father, Melissa learned that four decades before, her mother had an affair and became pregnant with the other man's child. "My life was just exploding."After their meeting, Chris, the stepbrother, gave her contact information to Brian*, one of her half-siblings.

"She spoiled me rotten and let me do anything, probably because she felt guilty for hiding who I really was."In January 2015, a Facebook friend request came from Chris*, a man she didn't know — and her world shifted drastically again.

On the way home, Melissa called a friend to explain what happened.

And while they didn't want to resist their overwhelming sexual attraction to each other, the couple desperately did want to understand they were experiencing it.

Over the past 10 months, they've read as many articles on the condition as possible and even saw a psychologist.

The news got even more startling: Before his affair with Melissa's mother and eventual marriage to Chris' mother, her biological father was married a first time — and Melissa had several half-siblings. And Brian, 45, immediately reached out to her on Facebook with a simple note: "Well, I guess I'm your brother." He says he asked if she was doing okay with all the news.

"I knew it was a huge, life-changing thing for her to find out."A flurry of messages led to a phone call."That's where things started getting a little bit weird," says Melissa.

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Your body instantly craves the other person."The feeling was mutual: The pair shyly hugged and they had trouble looking at each other, in part because it was like gazing in a mirror, they looked so similar. "We couldn't keep our hands off each other," Melissa recounts. "There must be some natural explanation for these feelings, Brian remembers thinking. The half-siblings say they are prime examples of genetic sexual attraction (GSA).

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