Afghanistan dating and marriage custom

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Afghanistan dating and marriage custom

Audio signals accessed exclusively by the network shed new light on the Islamist outfit's India module recruiting new insurgents, mostly from Kerala.

Abdulla's messages in Malayalam allegedly aim to radicalise youth in the name of Islam and a ballyhooed promised Caliphate. Therefore, it is obligatory to give bayat (oath of allegiance) to him,' he is heard saying in Malayalam in one of the transmissions from his Afghan hideout to Kerala.

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His recruits, security officials say, included professionals doctors, engineers and management experts.

Until March this year, as many as 75 people have been arrested from across India for suspected links with the ISIS.

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A resident of Kasaragod district, Abdulla had allegedly led 21 youth from the state to ISIS dens in Afghanistan.

Without demanding tough commitments, Abdulla is heard tossing out baits to induce his target audience.

ISIS' Afghanistan-based India handler is heard enticing young men with women, saying guerrillas in the group are encouraged to marry widows of slain militants.'My friend, Murshid, married a virgin woman,' he allegedly says, 'Sajid married a widow with two children and Manjat a widow with one child.

In the tapes, he allegedly repeatedly glorifies ISIS as a 'normal country' espousing shariat.'This is just like a country here, just like any other government.

We lead a normal life here in Islamic State Khorasan,' he says.

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