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Or it can be more severe, like straight-up lying about your age, height, interests or accomplishments.“As if catfishing wasn't bad enough, people who are actually trying to find dates or love through online dating sites have to be concerned about people kittenfishing them,” love coach Nikki Leigh told Bustle.“We have to wonder if people think this is harmless or if people do it intentionally.They may figure they'll shave a few (or more) years off their age to make themselves seem more attractive to grab a person's attention.Nevinson's 1913 Essays in Rebellion and again in Charles Marriott's novel The Catfish published later the same year." For example, on the MTV show Catfish, based on the documentary, a girl named Sonny connects with a male model named Jamison who is, in reality, Chelsea, a woman using her alternative identity to interact with other women in an online space.

What he *did* lie about was his criminal past: He spent two years in prison for allegedly stealing three different buses, impersonating the driver, and driving them on their routes (huh? To cap it all off, the two decided to stay in a relationship and James pursued his career as a bus driver, having gotten his license in jail. [Heather41]( __What He Thought:__ Mike met Caroline on a dating site, and they bonded over the fact that she was suffering from colon cancer—the same cancer his mom had.

The Truth: Turns out Paola is actually Loyda, and Ramon KNEW it—Loyda had Skyped with him and showed him her license, but Ramon "didn't want to believe it." And then, Loyda revealed she used the money Ramon sent her to buy herself an and told everyone Ramon had proposed. Joe & Kari Ann What He Thought: Joe thought he was dating a former Miss Teen USA (eye roll).

The Truth: Max and Nev discover that Joe and Kari Ann share a mutual friend, Rose, who tells them that Kari Ann is real.

__The Truth:__ Caroline is actually Heather, she does not have cancer, and she has catfished Mike before!

When he caught her the first time, she made up Caroline, and then made up the cancer when she thought he was going to leave again. [Artis 6]( __What He Thought:__ Artis was under the impression he was dating Jess and was ready to ditch his current girlfriend—and *mother of his three children*—for her.

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Keyonnah & Lil Bow Wow What She Thought: Keyonnah was "60 percent convinced" she was dating Lil Bow Wow (as in, the rapper).